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Sheffield builds UK’s largest grid-connected battery

Nishi-Sendai-Substation-Toshiba-Tohoku-Electric-PowerThe University of Sheffield is building a 2MW 1MWh smart grid energy store, using novel lithium ion batteries from Toshiba, writes Steve Bush, technology editor. Apparently, it will be the UK’s largest grid-connected battery.

Funded by the EPSRC, the store will be a research facility for academics and power companies, and the biggest in the UK.

Its purpose it two-fold: power companies can study the use of energy storage on the grid, and it will allow lithium titanate (LiTiO), a relatively new Li-ion material championed by Toshiba, to be evaluated.

LiTiO cells have a longer life than any other Li-ion chemistry, project leader Professor David Stone told Electronics Weekly. And they can be charged far faster than phone batteries.

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