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Spray painting perovskite-based photovoltaics

The two spray heads. (Picture by Alex Barrows)

The two spray heads. (Picture by Alex Barrows)

A team of scientists at the University of Sheffield, writes David Manners, are the first to fabricate perovskite solar cells using a spray-painting process. It is a discovery that could help cut the cost of solar electricity.

He says:

Experts from the university’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering have previously used the spray-painting method to produce solar cells using organic semiconductors – but using perovskite is a major step forward.

Efficient organometal halide perovskite-based photovoltaics were first demonstrated in 2012. They are now a very promising new material for solar cells as they combine high efficiency with low materials costs.

The spray-painting process wastes very little of the perovskite material and can be scaled to high volume manufacturing – similar to applying paint to cars and graphic printing.

The lead researcher is professor David Lidzey.

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