AMD Opteron chipsets

AMD has announced – at the Embedded Systems Conference – what it describes as a “new enterprise-class embedded platform”. A platform can be a very vague concept, at the best of times, and AMD has not elaborated very well.

“Seven AMD Opteron processors in three power bands, in conjunction with the new low-power chipset, allow high-end embedded vendors to enable increased performance-per-watt for edge-of-network systems such as telecom/datacom, storage, and security servers, and routers and switches,” it’s announcement declares.

For a detailed and more illuminating description of AMD chipset developments head over to The Register. Timothy Prickett Morgan writes about the “Fiorano” platform.

“It looks like AMD didn’t want to wait for the Maranello and San Marino platforms to roll out a complete family of chipsets, so today, the SR5690, SR5670, and SR5650 I/O hubs will be paired with the SP5100 southbridge to give motherboard and server makers a chance to cook up a wider variety of motherboards than they would have been able to do with the original Fiorano SR5690/SP5100 pairing,” he writes.

Read the full article – AMD grows very own Opteron chipsets

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