Six-core AMD Opteron EE processor targets cloud computing

AMD has introduced its six-core Opeteron offering, an EE processor – see Six-core AMD Opteron EE processor targets cloud computing

“Delivering up to 31% higher performance-per-watt over standard Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, the Six-Core AMD Opteron EE processor is tailored to meet the demands of customers who need strong performance, but must trim out every watt possible in a server system and reduce the datacenter’s power draw.”

More on the x86-based Opeteron servers can be found here.

I expect they comprise two quads, with two cores turned off on one of them, much like AMD does with its Phenom X3 three-core offering. The key phrase is “higher performance-per-watt” as powering down cores will help boost this figure.

From a production persopective, does this provide a yield benefit? An issue with one core, for example, may not forfeit the whole quad?

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