Amazon Echo voice recognition runs on NXP’s ARM platform

NXP Semiconductors is offering a reference design that runs Amazon’s far-field voice recognition technology known as Alexa, and which is used in voice-control devices.

This is the far-field technology developed by Amazon for Amazon Echo.

The NXP hardware incorporates an ARM-based i.MX processor and works with Amazon’s 7-microphone array design, far-field audio processing technology, and Voice Service (AVS) client to create the Alexa application.

The design also incorporates the Alexa audio processing algorithms, and beam forming technology.

Geoff Lees, general manager of microcontrollers at NXP, writes:

“Integrating high quality audio processing has made the development of advanced voice-enabled devices, a lengthy and complicated and so this reference design integrates Amazon’s proven far-field voice recognition technology and our popular i.MX development platform to enable the creation of high-performance voice-enabled devices with Alexa and reduce time to market.”

Priya Abani, director, Alexa, said this will make it “easier for hardware makers to integrate the convenient hands-free Alexa experience into their products.”




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