Arduino board adds Sigfox low power wireless for IoT

The latest member of the Arduino MKR family is the MKRFOX1200 IoT development board with Sigfox wireless connectivity.


The MKRFOX1200

It has a similar form factor (67 x 25mm) and a Microchip SAM D21 32-bit Cortex-M0+ microcontroller as the previous  MKR1000 and MKRZero boards.

But this board has been designed for low power IoT wireless nodes and so an ATA8520 module provides long-range wireless with low-energy consumption, and is capable of running for over six months on two standard AA 1.5V batteries.

This maker board comes with a GSM antenna that can be attached to the board and a two-year subscription to the Sigfox network.

This provides users with full access to Sigfox’s efficient messaging system (up to 140 messages per day), cloud platform, webhooks, APIs, as well as the new Spot’it geolocation service.

Sigfox standard wide-area wireless networks operate in over 30 countries and more are expected to be rolled-out in the next few years. (Use this map to see whether it has been deployed or is rolling out in your area.)

The first version of the MKRFOX1200 is compatible with Sigfox Radio Configuration Zone 1 (868MHz, 14dBm), meaning it is only supported in network-covered regions of Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa.

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