ARM computer module released as open hardware

BeagleCore, a very small form factor ARM processor-based embedded system development platform, has been released as open hardware.



This follows a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter.

You can now download a package for free with schematics, footprint, BOM, Gerber files and many more for the BeagleCore BCM1 module and BCS1 starter-kit.

BeagleCore BCM1 has many of the embedded computing features of BeagleBone Black.

It is smaller than BeagleBone Black and the module is available from Conrad Electronics for $55. A starter-kit costs $129.

BeagleCore BCM1 is a small form-factor computer module (48 mm × 31 mm × 3.5 mm) for industrial or commercial applications with all core features of BeagleBone Black.

German developer Martin Steger writes:

“BeagleCore is completely compatible to BeagleBone – the programming remains the same. It provides the same pin-out which makes it possible to use the same software or even the same capes and extensions provided by BeagleBone Black.”

The module which has a Texas Instruments AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor can be soldered onto almost any carrier board / baseboard. Thus developers can create their own boards with just the features and connectors needed for their projects.

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