Four ‘must-have’ Raspberry Pi add-ons

These are the four top-selling Raspberry Pi add-on boards, according to Farnell element 14.

Cameras: At just 25mm x 35mm x 9mm, the official Raspberry Pi camera modules from Farnell element14 are used in applications including low-light photography (NoIR Camera), drones and CCTV.

An example project is a security camera that is able to differentiate between a stranger in the yard and a car driving past a road.

Displays: The official Raspberry Pi 7-inch Touchscreen Display can be used with a range of educational software and programs available on the Raspberry Pi.

It allows designers to build a connected picture frame, Pi alarm clocks, a plant health camera to keep an eye on favourite florae, and even a mobile media centre.

Raspberry Pi PiFace Digital 2PiFace: This plug and play control device that allows makers to use and control Raspberry Pi without a keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Sense HAT: When the Sense HAT is added to the Raspberry Pi board, it brings to makers the same control function as used on the “Astro Pi” space hardware.

It has multiple sensors that can be used for projects similar to those on the international space station, and include a working weather station to a thermal imaging system.

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