Raspberry Pi gets new visual programming language

A Russian software development team has developed a new programming language which uses visuals and graphics to simplify the programming of Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.


Called XOD, the development team has designed the visual language for microcontroller system development and made it compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other boards with a bunch of widespread modules.

The language is based on functional reactive programming principles and graphical functionality has been added.

The plan is to publish the XOD language, XOD IDE, and library sources on GitHub once launched.

Alpha version availability is scheduled for July.

Belogortsev Mihail, CEO, PR Tabletopia, writes:

“Right now, we are looking for testers for an early access to the XOD private alpha. We believe that with the support of the community we will be able to build a fun, and powerful programming language that isn’t tied down to any one hardware vendor.”



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