Top 10 most read on (to 18-May-2018)

Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with ST’s leadership handover, an Arduino Engineering Kit, a new Infineon development centre, an imaginary new mobile OS, and an EW BrightSpark all figuring prominently…

Top 10 most read on (to 18-May-2018)

As always, let’s take them it in reverse order:

10. C’mon My Son

9. EW BrightSparks 2018 profile: Hamish Crackett

8. Unpopular People

7. ST in good shape for leadership hand-over

6. Win a Microchip embedded Linux development board

5. Arduino and MathWorks develop Arduino Engineering Kit

4. ARM market share slipping

3. Infineon to set up Dresden development centre

2. Top Ten Semiconductor Companies 2017

1. Qualcomm reported to be dumping Arm-based server chips

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