Top 10 most popular articles on

Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with wearables, graphene opto-electronics, a 4K HDR display in a Sony smartphone, a new Boston Dynamics robot and the wireless Raspberry Pi Zero W all figuring prominently…

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Taking it in reverse order as always:

10. Gadget Watch: Sony Xperia XZ Premium scoops MWC Best Phone award

9. Micro-fluidics could open the door to graphene opto-electronics

8. Swiss chip firm claims ‘smallest’ Bluetooth chip

7. Poor Old ARM

6. Hungarian start-up claims to have LIDAR-less autonomous driving technology

5. Bounce for wearables

4. NAND supply tight; ASP soaring

3. Getting a Handle on latest Boston Dynamics robot

2. Glass electrolyte opens door to alkali metal batteries for electric vehicles

1. New Raspberry Pi – the Zero W – has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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