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Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with Toshiba, foundry updates, ARM’s automotive image processing and Google’s take on the IoT all figuring prominently, along with RISC-V and semiconductors Soviet-Style…

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Taking it in reverse order, as always:

10. Election Woes For Ed

9. Biggest ever engineering report calls for action on skills in schools

8. Google’s Internet of Things platform gets Bluetooth update

7. Zinc sponge anode makes Li-ion alternative rechargeable

6. ARM reveals automotive image processing

5. Samsung to offer foundry customers 28nm FD-SOI embedded MRAM

4. TSMC looks at e-beam as possible alternative to EUV

3. Groq TPU-killer aimed at AI and machine learning

2. T.J. Rodgers sues Cypress

1. Japan government to decide Toshiba’s fate

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