Top 10 most read on (to 13-Apr-2018)

Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with IP40 protection for the Raspberry Pi, flexible OLED printing, Intel FPGAs in servers, Steve Wozniak quitting Facebook, foldable smartphones and image sensors with NIR capability all figuring prominently…

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As always, let’s take them it in reverse order:

10. ON Semi launches image sensors with NIR capability

9. Imec battery has energy density of 200 Wh/liter at a charging speed of 0.5C (2 hours)

8. Foldable smartphones this year

7. Woz Quits FB

6. Huawei gets Cyber Essentials Plus certification

5. Luxoft launches open source automotive software development platform

4. Dell and Fujitsu to use Intel FPGAs in servers

3. HiSilicon’s Kirin 980 in volume production on 7nm in Q2

2. Fraunhofer shows flexible OLED printing breakthrough

1. Raspberry Pi gets IP40 protection from Phoenix Contact

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