Top 10 most read on (to 11-May-2018)

Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with nanotechnology, ZTE, RISC-V, AR, On Semi and EW BrightSparks all figuring prominently…

Top 10 most read on (to 11-May-2018)

As always, let’s take them it in reverse order:

10. UK starts £11m project to revolutionise electronics

9. RISC-V processors make play for AI in Barcelona, says Esperanto

8. Cured: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ won’t boot

7. Control of Arm’s China business transferred to Chinese investors

6. EW BrightSparks 2018 receive awards at the IET

5. How the UK could shine in augmented reality glasses

4. Softbank Has More Debt Than Venezuela

3. Top Ten Semiconductor Companies 2017

2. ON Semi buys SensL of Cork

1. Mediatek steps into Qualcomm’s shoes at ZTE

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