Mill-Max Whitepaper: How to select spring-loaded connectors for interconnect applications

Check out a new whitepaper on the site relating to spring-loaded connectors for the latest interconnect applications.

It’s from Mill-Max and covers how every application has different challenges and requires a different solution with regard to the design and the materials used.

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The paper describes methods by which manufacturers assess and demonstrate reliability as well as considering some novel ways in which spring-loaded connectors (SLCs) have enabled applications.

For example:

“Connectivity is crucial in modern design. The availability of highly reliable and proven connector technologies that facilitate miniaturization and connectivity make a significant contribution to the growth of modern devices and other applications. Designers must achieve the right balance between reliability, suitability and cost for the connectors they specify. Therefore, the application and connectivity requirements need to be clearly understood.

In some applications, the connector is mated only once; in others such as docking stations or chargers the connector is integral, meaning that each of these applications require a different solution. In all cases, a correctly applied connector functions better and lasts longer.

There are several methods for creating connector pins although the most dependable is precision machining as it provides excellent quality and reliability with tight tolerances of +/- 0.0005″ (0,0127 mm) on critical features. This offers significant design and material flexibility, allowing designers to specify connectors to suit their exact needs.”

Note that this is a Mill-Max whitepaper and that you do have to provide some details to download the free whitepaper.

Read the whitepaper »

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