Trying hot air desoldering

I have been wanting to try a dc-dc converter experiment and decided to base it on an old development board I have lying around – but was stopped in my tracks by a thermal pad chip that didn’t want to come off the board.

hot air desoldering After

Enter hot air soldering equipment.

At this point, credit to former colleagues who did this day in and day out, flawlessly.

Fiddling with an old PC motherboard PCB – obtained from the local waste transfer station – provided practice.

hot air desoldering After closeThe 410°C temeperature setting was inspired by an entry on EEV blog.

And when it came to the real thing, it came off with a bit of scorching – it takes a while to heat through to that pad. Several small components disappeared at the same time, but damage was kept away from the important capacitors and inductor.

Solder-wick cleaned up the pads.

So, job done, in a somewhat scruffy way.

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