Samsung getting cold feet on Android?

Specifically, the issue that previously committed Android companuies, such as Samsung, will show any evidence of cold feet.

Well, maybe the number of indicators are mounting. These include apparent urgings of the South Korean government for Samsung to adopt a new OS independent of Android, reports Android Police, and maybe the unveiling of three Wave series smartphones to run on its proprietary system “bada”, addressing the low-end market segment, reports Reuters.

The latest is a report that Samsung is considering taking over MeeGo development from Nokia (with Intel seemingly on the verge of an exit from MeeGo, as well).

Slashgear writes:

Samsung is tipped to be considering taking the lead on MeeGo development, stepping into the shoes vacated by Nokia. No official announcement has been made, but both MeeGo Experts and NetbookNews claim numerous insiders have confirmed to them that the Korean firm – which is known to be placing extra emphasis on software acquisitions and mergers in an attempt to boost its “competitiveness” – is a strong candidate for working with Intel on the open-source platform.

This is not to say, of course, that Samsung can’t always release Andorid phones, as well as Windows Phone 7, in addition to phones based on its own platform…

By the way, check out the (current) results of the poll taking the temparature after the Google-Motorola Mobility deal was announced.

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