Arduino Parking Assistant guides your car

You wait ages for an Arduino-based garage parking assistant to come along – see How to build an Arduino Garage Parking Assistant – and then here comes another. Check out the Arduino Parking Assistant, which uses an Arduino Pro Mini.

Arduino Parking Assistant guides your car

It’s featured on, and credit goes to addictedToArduino.

“I decided to design a device that would allow me to park in the exact spot every time,” the creator writes.

“I love working with arduinos, leds, sensors, and nearly anything else electronic, so I knew from the start that it would probably end up as a contraption with an Arduino inside and a bunch of leds on the front!”

The code available includes an LED countdown during the calibration process – you setup the device by pressing a button when your car is correctly positioned.

Note that – as with the Garage Sentry – it’s not a project for beginners. The maker addictedToArduino warns there is “complicated, tight soldering” involved.

Arduino parking assistantThe full bill of materials?

1x 2×4 enclosure – at least 8″ long
8x Philips Screws – Preferably 1″ Long
1x Power Supply – 5 volt, 850mA
1x Arduino Pro Mini – 5 volt, 16MHz
1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
12x Through-Hole Resistors – 220 ohm, 1/4 watt
8x Green LEDs – 5mm Here
4x Red LEDs – 5mm Here
1x Tactile Pushbutton – 6mm
3x Four Conductor Wire Sold by the Foot – 22 gauge
1x Stranded Wire – 28 gauge

And, as always, you can follow all the steps for construction on the excellent Instructables site.

Thanks to Sue P. for highlighting this one.

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