Video: Opening the door to robotic advances

Uh-oh. The Boston Dynamics robotic Praetorian Guard just got more handy.

Check out the door-opening tactics of the headless hound in question. And when I say headless, there’s no mistaking the presence of reasoning…

There’s a particular shiver when its hand expands for a viperous grip…

It gets worse, too. Check out the video further below, testing the ‘robustness’ of the hound.

I’ve commented before that film of testers kicking and pushing the robots looks a tad disturbing. Similarly, check out the tester hitting the headless robotic being with a stick, to try and frustrate it opening a door.

It’s only a small step, surely, to imagine the ‘human resistance’, come the dystopian Clampdown, vainly fighting off the advancing robotic forces… Or is it just me?

Incidentally, I note that Google has now sold the company. Boston Dynamics is now owned by Soft Bank, so I guess it’s a sister company of Arm, no less.

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