Birds get migration-friendly streetlights

Not an LED story but….

Philips Lighting Ameland beach-front ClearSky

The Netherlands island of Ameland is getting connected street lighting that is friendly to migrating birds, according to Philips, which is supplying the kit.

According to the firm, the blue-green light emitted from the luminairs, branded ClearSky, improves the ability of humans to judge perception at night whilst being friendly to birds and nocturnal animals.

“Regular white light can disorientate birds and affect their internal compass. ClearSky technology does not interfere with birds’ biological systems and so helps them to arrive safely at their roosts,” said Philips scientist Maurice Donners.

I may be wrong, but it looks like Philips and Shell developed ClearSky to reduce the chance that migrating birds would be affected by off-shore platforms.
According to this page, “research has shown that birds are distracted by the lights of offshore platforms and structures. However, findings from further research concluded that birds are not distracted but disorientated because of sudden malfunctioning of their internal biological compass, with the colour red in the spectrum being indicated as the primary disorientating factor.”

The spectrum contains little or no red, and is tuned to human rod (rather then cone) vision.

At the Ameland beach front (pictured) motion sensors detect humans and automatically dim the lights when there is no one around.

Ameland supports the Dark Sky World Heritage Wadden Sea Region UNESCO program.

ClearSky induction lamps have also been used to illuminate Hathersage Lido in the Peak District.

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