High voltage ac CoBs from Seoul Semi

Seoul Semi has created a range of CoBs with its multi-junction and ac LEDs – plus a couple of CoBs for spotlights.

MJT6W Seoul Semi

Acrich COB has two line-ups:

‘MJT CoBs’ use integrated multi-junction chips and up to 168lm/W efficacy. They come in standard form factors with a single power connection. There are now 11 products ranging from 6W (pictured) to 180W.

‘AC CoBs’ can be driven directly with ac and combined four groups of LEDs in a solderable design. There are six of them operating off 120V or 230V AC.

The device for spotlights also have multiple junctions and has improved colour-rendering for lighting for broadcasting studios. The company has not released a part number or a data sheet for this.

Amongst these parts is one with 168 lm/W luminous efficacy and a CRI of 80 at 40W, 5,000K  and a junction at 85°C.

“This high performance is achieved by the MJT COB utilizing only 54 chips, compared to competing COB products requiring 144 chips. MJT COB is more reliable due to a significant reduction of wire bonds,” said Seoul.

No part number details are yet available.

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