Lime, green and purple LEDs grow red lettuce

Lumileds has been growing red lettuce, and worked out that lime, green and purple coloured leds LEDs grow more of them, with increased beneficial nutrients.


Slightly abbreviated, the conclusion of the company’s paper (‘Luxeon SunPlus series Lime leds produce high yield and nutrition in leafy greens‘) reads:

This study showed that red lettuce Rouxai grown under specific LED spectra can have higher yields as well as greater concentrations of anthocyanins and carotenoids. The SunPlus Lime + Purple leds performed best in terms of yield (fresh weight) and antioxidant levels. The spectrum of this light source includes output in the far red range (700-800 nm) that can boost lettuce yields. The Valoya PC [phosphor converted] leds produced greens of comparable yield but statistically lower levels of antioxidants, indicating that the spectral photon distribution of phosphor down conversion can have different effects on crop quality. In summary, these data suggest that growth and nutrition are optimized using PC LEDs with strong royal blue, green, deep red and far red components found in the combination of SunPlus Lime + Purple leds. The spectra that performed best for both fresh weight and nutrient concentrations were the SunPlus Series Lime + Purple and Purple + Green LEDs.

The paper is not that long, and it an easy read if you want to check intensity levels, spectra and yields.

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