Lumileds outdoor light engines now offer 25,000 lm and 128 lm/W

Lumileds has announced the capability to produce 25,000 lm 128 lm/W light engines for outdoor fixtures from its ‘Matrix Platform‘ manufacturing service.

Matrix is a bespoke lighting PCB assembly and test service, loading thermal pcbs with leds, connectors, electronics for dimming and control, and optics – with custom light guides in the latter case.

“Customers are always looking for better ways to control the light distribution of their luminaires to meet application specific requirements as well as DLC Premium requirements.  Matrix Platform integrated light guides open up a wide range of options for beam control to meet batwing light distribution for parking garages, type 3/4/5 light distribution for street lighting luminaires and asymmetrical and Lambertian light distribution for indoor lighting,” said Lumileds product director Viral Hazari.

Leds are mid or high-power types.

When multiple leds are used to get sufficient light output, The platform includes a smart pick-and-place system (dubbed Oberon) that mix-and-matches leds of different colour temperature intensity and forward voltage to achieve the intended product’s colour temperature intensity and forward voltage.

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