Osram aims at automotive with high-power IR leds

For automotive applications, Osram has introduced six high-power infra-red leds that can be pulsed at up to 5A (up from 3A in earlier versions).


Part of the Oslon Black family, there are 850nm versions intended for exterior applications such as night vision, pedestrian protection, pre-field recognition and lane detection, as well as 940nm versions for interior applications such as driver monitoring, seat occupancy detection and gesture recognition.

“Infrared light sources in a wavelength range <900nm are perceived by the human eye as a red glow. This red glow is largely suppressed at 940nm,” claimed the firm. “The leds are particularly bright, with an optical output of up to 2W in continuous operation. A high refractive index silicone is used for the lens, giving it a particularly low profile so that only very little light is lost from the sides.”

SFH 4715AS A01, SFH 4716AS A01 and SFH 4717AS A01 are 850nm and a beam angle of ±45°, ±75° and ±25° respectively.

SFH 4725AS A01, SFH 4726 A01 and SFH 4727AS A01 are 940nm and a beam angle of ±45°, ±75° and ±25° respectively.

Maximum operating temperature is 125°C.

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