Osram lights St Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is on the way to getting led lighting, according to Osram.


“Lighting calculations and simulations have been completed,” said the firm. “In the basilica, the led lighting system has been tested in many areas, and everyone involved is really pleased with the results. Tests show that the illumination level of the domes is 10 times brighter than before. The new indirect lighting system also eliminates unsightly drop shadows on the circular inscription, which is carved into the wall below the cornices.”

700 custom luminaires with >100,000 leds are involved.

“During the first tests, we could clearly see details of artwork in the domes that we could only guess at in the past,” said Vatican State technical srvices director Monsignor Rafael De La Serrana Villalobos.

Osram-StPetersThe lighting can be altered for different occasions. “For television broadcasts the altar area will be lighted very brightly,” said Osram.

According to Osram, the new lights will also cut energy consumption by ~85%.

St. Peter’s Basilica, at ~190m long, is a church that can hold up to 20,000 people. Its three knaves naves are each 58m wide and the maximum height of the nave’s vault approaches 46m, said the firm. The dome rises ~136m to the top of the cross.

Art includes the world’s largest mosaic (~10,000m2), Baldachin by Bernini and Michelangelo’s statue Pietà – the Vatican Museums provided artistic expertise for the lighting project, whihc is scheduled to be completed by Christmas 2018.

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