Osram shows high-power ‘full white’ and laser-based spotlights

Osram has announced a ‘full white’ version of its SplitStar S32 multi-chip led for high-luminance spotlights, with tunable colour temp from 2,700 to 7,000K and “consistently high colour rendering index”, claimed the firm.

Osram Splitstar

It includes red, green, blue and amber leds, and is offered alongside a ‘cold white’ that can deliver 20,000 lm, and an RGBW version (see photo).

All S32 modules have 0.05K/W thermal resistance and luminance, thanks to close die packing, of up to 140cd/mm² in cold white.

As well as the leds, Osram will be showing custom third-party optics, a driver and a solderless contact system for them at Prolight + Sound 2017.


Also at the exhibition will be entertainment versions of Osram’s laser-phosphor high-luminance light sources – dubbed ‘phaser’. There are now colour tuneable versions.

“This technology has the potential to replace all those light sources that are based on discharge lamps,” claimed Osram.

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