Gender Equality

According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 217 years before the world achieves gender equality.

It could happen sooner if women founded the world’s leading industrial companies.

And the world’s leading banks.

And the world’s leading airlines.

And the leading shipping companies

And generated the best ideas

And did most of the advanced teaching

And did most of the advanced R&D

And wrote most of the heavyweight academic books and papers.

And did most of the fighting in the armed services

And designed most of the world’s leading products



  1. Ah Yes robetc, I’ve certainly never met an English girl who said she wanted to get a job on a building site.

  2. Well if girls were apparently welcome on building sites 40 years ago, robetc, it makes you wonder if their comparative rarity on building sites today is dictated by choice rather than discrimination.

  3. What you say is very true, though we do have a somewhat Anglocentric view. I remember travelling in Ireland nearly 40 years ago and meeting two German girls also travelling. One was a carpenter, the other a bricklayer and they both worked on building sites. They assured me this was quite normal. The industry there was and is still male dominated but far less so than we find here, and by the sound of it the blokes didn’t get to do all the running either.

  4. Absolutely, Stooriefit, European and American women would not be debarred from doing anything on that list – there is no glass ceiling for lady entrepreneurs or female high thinkers – my point really is that unless women take power by their own efforts – and good luck to them if they do – then they’ll have to wait 217 years for gender equality to trickle down by courtesy of male graciousness – an outcome which I’d have thought any true feminist would be appalled by.
    P.S. Are men really obstructionist to female aspiration? Remember Hillary got 2.8m more votes than DT, Angela runs Germany, Theresa runs the UK.

  5. I think there is a strong argument that women can do all these things you suggest, but the patriarchy in Western society is un-receptive, un-supportive or down-right obstructive.

    Maybe in China this isn’t so bad. Certainly the old USSR had a reputation for producing formidable female engineers, teachers, soldiers and leaders, but that may have been propaganda.

  6. It must be nice for Asian billionaires to know that they inhabit a world of gender equality, Mike, but I think the WEF was thinking of a rather wider constituency.

  7. If you look down the Forbe’s list you’ll recognise China is actually closer to equality than the supposedly more advanced West

  8. I am sure it is not a suggestion …

    How long have you been married?

  9. That’s true for me too, martijn, the boss suggests all sorts of things for me to do which she could perfectly easily do for herself.

  10. “And generated the best ideas”
    From my personal experience, I am told daily by my “boss” at home that they already do!
    Perhaps it’s the execution that lacks…. :p

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