Jack Ma Echoes Pasquale Pistorio

Yesterday Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, echoed the warning which Pasquale Pistorio gave to Europe’s political leaders in the 1990s.

“Every macro-economic region has to have controlled access to microelectronics technology to maintain its industrial prosperity,” said Pistorio.

Yesterday, Jack Ma said: “The market of chips is controlled by America … and suddenly they stop selling. Japan, China, any country should have their own technology. A company should take responsibility for its customers, for the global future.”

Pistorio’s successors abandoned the leading edge process technology bequeathed to them in order to focus on an accountancy-driven strategy focussed on profitable niches.

Europe’s semiconductor market share has declined ever since.

Now, by denying chips to ZTE, America has shown how wise Pistorio was.



  1. I don’t believe it was just the selling of equipment to North Korea and Iran (which is bad enough in US eyes). It was apparently the failure to implement the agreed settlement OR continuous fabricating the facts that the settlement had been adhered to, when it hadn’t.
    There has been a serious cultural difference in play here that ZTE are desperately trying to catch-up to, but is likely too little too late.

  2. Well I see Wilbur Ross denies that DontAgree, he’s saying the ban is unrelated to the trade war and is because ZTE broke a trade embargo on Iran.

  3. US is not denying ZTE all chips, just US chips …

    To be honest I think it is a little too close to the unravelling Qualcomm-NXP story … which has been suggested here as a retaliation for the on going tit-for-tat trade war …

    So that would make it China’s move now … who is going to blink first?

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