Qualcomm’s Dilemma

With two weeks to go till April 1st Qualcomm is gearing up to give us a laugh.

Some joker in San Diego has come up with the wheeze of calling its Snapdragon processors ‘platforms’.

Snapdragons contain, of course, much more than a processor or indeed several processors, so to call it a processor is a bit of a misnomer.

But ‘processor’ is not such a misnomer as ‘platform’ which is used to describe every darn thing in the electronics industry from an enclosure to a server.

The San Diego joker could have done worse – he could have called it a solution – the most hackneyed, over-used word in the industry today.

The most accurate description of a Snapdragon is ‘sub-system’ but that sounds a bit dull.

What Qualcomm needs is a whizzy, dynamic description for its processors – maybe ‘launcher’ or ‘accelerant’ or ‘boost-block’.

But I expect everyone – except Qualcomm – will carry on calling them processors.



  1. Right on BigSoftie, it’s a disruptive step-function towards a paradigm shift

  2. Don’t forget the tried and tested “paradigm-shifter”…it all leads to Digital Convergence, apparently…..

  3. Well it might mot be conveying quite the right message, DontAgree

  4. Is “heater” too obvious?

  5. Thst’s very good, SEPAM, even has name recognition.

  6. Brilliant, Jamo, Qualcomm likes its customers to kneel.

  7. How about an ‘altar’.

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