Unpopular People

Those who sneer at populism are unpopular people – Blair, Juncker, Clinton (H) – people who have done well out the the political  system and who resent outsiders crashing it.

Those who sneer at populism are unpopular people – Blair, Juncker, Clinton (H) – people who have done well out the the political  system and who resent outsiders crashing it.

If the inconvenient plebs vote against the wishes of these unpopular people they  brand the vote populist.

Why shouldn’t the Italians vote to come out of the EU snd ditch the euro without being told by Juncker they’re being populist?

Why shouldn’t  the Yanks vote for Donald Trump without being branded   populists?

Why shouldn’t the Brits vote to dump the EU without being sneered at as chav populists?

Answer:  The guys who sneer at populism think they have all  the answers.

But, in democracies, the majority of the people supply the answers.

Answers which are popular.



  1. Well Stooriefit, IMHO being anti-establishment doesn’t derive from your parents’ beliefs or wealth – after all George Orwell was an Etonian – and from what I hear when Farage and Trump speak I personally think they believe in what they say they’re trying to do. Rees-Mogg and Johnson are just establishment figures playing at being anti-establishment to get power – they don’t fool me at all.

  2. Well Matthew, if it takes simplistic nonsense to defeat ISIS, escape a federal Europe and bring N.Korea to the conference table, maybe we need more of it.

  3. I’m sure you’re right SEPAM, this is absolutely an anti-establishment thing because the establishment have stopped people of ability getting into power – pushing inexperienced people like Cameron and Bush into power – and keeping out people with genuine ability and real-life experience. Trump, Farage and Co come across as authentic people – whatever their flaws – not establishment clones mouthing elitist orthodoxies. Call them populists or what you will, their popularity with ordinary prople stems from disillusionment with the establishment.

    • Stooriefit Swampthing

      It is just not true that the establishment have stopped people like us getting into power. It is very rare people like us try to get into power, and when we do we’re no different from them. I can think of a dozen Blair/Brown ministers who weren’t old Etonian party/city wonks.

      Farage, Rees-Mogg, Johnson – all a product of the establishment they say they are different from. Trump’s credentials might appear more genuine but that is because we don’t know him as well. His Pa made his fortune for him, after all. Considering the outrageous nepotism he’s indulged in and the cronies he’s surrounded him self with it is clear he’s the President of and for Donald Trump not the American people.

      Its a total sham, don’t be taken in.

  4. I’ve changed ‘US’ to ‘EU’, SEPAM

  5. Disagreeing agreeably is the most agreeable kind of disagreement, DontAgree

  6. I disagree, DontAgree, in a democracy the hard part is getting into power so you can implement plans.

  7. Well Matthew I’m not sure populists have the opportunity to propose solutions – all they can do through the ballot box is to throw the rascals out who are making a mess of things. Populists are clear on what they want – less immigration, a better life for themselves, education, jobs and housing for their kids, secure neigbourhhods. Sneering at people for wanting those things is what unpleasant, unpopular people like Blair and Juncker do.

    • > Populists are clear on what they want
      BS, a 6 year old knows what he/she wants … the hard part is getting there … without (too much) collateral damage … to do that well takes, maturity, cleverness, guts, cooperation, etc.

    • Populists might be clear on what they want with themselves and their best buds, but anything but clear with us poor proles they ask to vote for them. With the electorate the strategy seems to be “promise everything anyone might want, however contradictory, and human nature means they’ll remember the bits they like and blank the bits they hate.”

      Did you see dear Kenneth Clark holding forth on the last Tory manifesto? He despairs of the mismatch between policy and action as much as the rest of us.

      Ditto with the trot cabal sitting in front of most of the Labour party… I can’t say they are the leadership, because none of them has the slightest inclination to lead – Kier Starmer excepted. We have no idea what they want, beyond a ‘Jobs First’ Brexit. Is that a Brexit where the jobs go first, or where all our jobs will be to deliver Brexit, or just a soundbite like to dross Blair is rightly pilloried for?

      Crooks, charlatans, cheats, chumps and other c-words, the lot of em.

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      And in comparison, what does the established elites propose? My impression is that we get a lot of words and other hot air that aims at a solution by talk alone. Chamberlain might have received much recognition at his time with “peace in our time!” but such appeasement never works. We saw the same in the Balkans war where talk and talk about talks gave the other side time and opportunity to carry out the massacre in Srebrenica. Now the EU is on course to counter the US sanctions against Iran, the reason being national industry.

      When I look at the situation, also outside the UK and US, the establishment is represented by people who grew up in the establishment whose main objective is to remain in the establishment. The challengers seem to come from a very different background, often people who feel lorded over by the same establishment. The discontent has been building up for decades and it is interesting clear actions are seen only today.

      • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

        >Now the US is on course to counter the US sanctions against Iran, the reason being national industry.

        Sorry, it is of course the EU which is on course to counter the US sanctions against Iran, the reason being national industry.

      • The challengers seem to come from a very different background… like Jacob Rees-Mogg, ex-public school boy and former stock-broker Farage, multi-millionaire Banks, billionaire Trump…

        The challengers talk simplistic nonsense, which the gullible fall for.

  8. Populists propose simplistic solutions to complex problems. The gullible vote for them. Blair etc may be unpopular, but isn’t that because they actually took responsibility for the tough decisions that have to be made when doing the job properly, unlike the complete joke that is Trump or Farage, Ress-Moog etc who have never even tried doing the job.

  9. I assume this is the comment Stooriefit. I think it went up OK – it didn’t get caught by any filter- but in some views it doesn’t appear. I think your scenario for what happens in the event of a Hard Brexit is thought-provoking and not necessarily unattractive. We have been let down by Westminster politicians appallingly over this from Cameron’s ambition, bad judgment and weak leadership to all the fallacious and mendacious commentaries on all sides by careerists and opportunists. Drain the Swamp!

  10. Submitted a comment yesterday and it hasn’t appeared – are GCHQ intercepting my messages again?

  11. Yes, zeitghost, that would have been funny if it wasn’t so dreadful after all the Iraqis he had killed

  12. Not forgetting the truly surreal: Tony Bliar as Middle East Peace Envoy.

    You really couldn’t make it up.

  13. How about we call call them fantasists rather than populists? It is still sneering I suppose, but it is more accurate. The only place their promises can be delivered are in a world of fantasy.

    People are allowed to vote for whatever they want, but we are daft if we think that people are equipped to understand what they are voting for, and sniff out who is deliberately misleading them. Our free press isn’t exactly holding the architects of Leave or Remain to account for their utter failure – it is almost 2 years since the leave vote and we have precisely no idea what we have any prospect of getting in terms of a deal.

    In a world where all are guesses, things I feel I could put money on are; the only deal we could be certain to get is a Hard Brexit; if asked to approve a Hard Brexit the government would loose the vote in both the Commons and the Lords.

    Then what? Anyone’s guess, and mine is a no confidence motion, political bloodbath probably resulting in the end of the Torys as we know them, with either the Leavers or Remainers getting control of the party, but without a commons majority. New centrist grouping of some form, and the House might pass a motion to suspend or even withdraw A50.

    We are being lead down the primrose path by the political mouthpieces of Ed and his friends, at some point there will be a scuffle and someone will cop the poisoned blade.

    • Since humans seem to be clueless, perhaps the only solution is AI … at if that goes wrong everybody can agree to blame the machine

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