Ed Eyes Up AI

AI is the thing – I keep being told. And what is the Department doing about it – is what I keep being asked.

As no one can even define it, I sniff opportunity for Yours Truly.

The VCs are gagging to invest in it, HMG is setting aside large budgets to support it and, as Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, I should be the conduit through which this largesse should flow.

I call in the Permanent Secretary.

“The Department needs to be seen as the overall UK leading force in the AI industry,” I tell him.

“A laudable aim, Secretary of State.”  


“Well Secretary if State, with No,10 so keen on this area, it would be wise to be seen as an implementer of No.10’s line.”

“Which is?”

‘Very wishy-washy, Secretary of State.”

“Good, that gives us a free hand,”I tell him, “ get the message out to the academic community, the tech companies and investors that the Department is the initial port-of-call for government funding for AI and for the cross-licensing of AI technology developed in UK universities and research establishments.”

“Certainly, Secretary of State.”

“The word to go go out is that the Department is the gate-keeper,” I tell him.

And a gate-keeper gets a toll.

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