Ed Spots A GDPR Earner

Loads of my old business mates have latched onto this GDPR thing as a nice little earner, Ed confides to his diary.

To milk GDPR, the wheeze is to peddle scare stories, which is easy because the penalties are draconian, and, when you’ve hooked a sucker, offer a check-list of actions which will assure compliance.

At the same time you can wangle a good look at someone’s business to identify further scams (a.k.a consultancy opportunities).

I see it as another Y2K – when no one quite understood the nature of the threat but everyone knew they had to be ‘Y2K-compliant’ to be a trusted business partner. 

I call in the Permanent Secretary.

“Are all the suppliers to the Department GDPR-compliant?” I ask him.

“I understand there are some of which we are uncertain, Secretary of State,” he replied.

“Send a list of the uncertain ones to the ICO,” I tell him, “with a copy to me.”

“Certainly, Secretary of State.”

When my mate at XXX Digital Compliance Solutions gets the list he’ll know  who’s had a nasty letter from the ICO and is looking for someone to save them from the consequences of their non-compliance.  

And what’s good for my old chum at XXX Digital Compliance Solutions is good for my post-Ministerial life-style. 




  1. Crikey W Ton, I’m surprised to hear that there are any Germans who haven’t followed the regulations.

  2. This is an established business model in Germany. It is called “Abmahnen”. A robot crawls the Internet for sites with a wrong or absent GDPR statement and the owner gets a letter from a layer demanding a few hundred Euros to avoid prosecution.

  3. I assume he thought that it’s only when the threat of enforcement is imminent that companies will start to panic enough to engage outfits like XXX Digital Compliance Solutions, Dr Bob.

  4. Ed’s missed the boat on this one!

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