Fable: Civil War

In 1976 Japan lined up for Civil War.

In one camp was: Sony, Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, Aiwa and Pioneer.

In the other camp was: Matsushita, Hitachi, Sharp, Mitsubishi and Akai.

Then came betrayal – three members of one camp – Toshiba, Sanyo and NEC – decided to have a foot in both camps.

Then came the final blow, Sony, the leader of one camp, also decided to have a foot in the other camp.

By 1988 the Matsushita camp had essentially won though products from the other camp were made as late as 2016.

Moral: All’s fair in love and war



  1. Betamax vs. VHS, Martijn

  2. blueRay vs HD dvd
    I guess MicroSoft was the biggest loser, betting on the wrong horse with their XBOX

    • whoops i was about 30 years off, skimmed over the 1976, when the regular dvd wasnt even conceived. I will put my other foot in my mouth now 🙁

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