Fable: The History-Making Company Which Failed

62 years ago a scientist rented a 5000 sq ft building at 391 San Antonio Road m in Mountain View.

With four engineers he launched a company.

Two of the four came from Bell Labs, one came from Raytheon and one was a Berkeley graduate.

An ad asking for more recruits produced 25 replies.

The company never produced a saleable part but went down in history.

Moral: Failure can be more influential than success



  1. It was demolished to make way for a modern building zeitghost, also called 391 San Antonio Rd but a plaque acknowledges the site as the seed-bed for Silicon Valley

  2. Very droll zeitghost

    • I don’t know if I was looking at the correct location on streetview, but the Shockley building seems to have vanished.

  3. A building later known as “The International Produce Market”.

    I wonder if they sold oven chips.

    boom boom.

    It’s the way I tell ’em.

  4. Yes indeed Dick, Shockley’s history-making but doomed semiconductor start-up it was

  5. Shockley Semiconductor – run by a very difficult man

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