Fable: The Poetical CEO

There was once a semiconductor CEO who fancied himself a bit of a poet.

There was once a semiconductor CEO who fancied himself a bit of a poet.

One of his hortatory ditties for the troops started:

“We at E**l
Have a story to tell
We’re committed to deliver
At a lightning speed to make all shiver.”

It didn’t do the trick. The company got sold to Rohm.

Moral: Don’t go up against Intel




  1. No I’d never heard of Gilder’s book till you mentioned it, Fred, but I’ve now found it listed on Amazon and ordered a copy for both of us (I’m not being terribly generous it’s £1.52) and they’re sending your copy to Singapore. I’ve never seen Exel written about in a book or anywhere else and came across them years ago when they were building their fab. I went to see the building site and met B.K. Marya who recited his poem to me. I’ve still got the whole thing somewhere, I’ll try and find it and post it. I’m not sure if Exel ever made silicon under Marya’s tenure. It all seemed to go a bit wobbly and got sold.

  2. It was a really difficult one Fred. The company – Exel Microelectronics – was a spin-off from Seeq, and the poetical CEO was B.K. Marya. They must have been among the last of the start-ups to build a fab and didn’t last long – they were bought up by Rohm which, of course, also owns Exar (your first guess) so you were very close.

    • It’s well hidden, even from Google. Was this from the book Microcosm
      The Quantum Revolution In Economics And Technology
      By George Gilder ? I’m thinking of adding that to my book collection, but it’s hard to find.

  3. Even with the help of the mighty Google, I still don’t get it. There’s a company called Evil Technology, but that’s a games company so it belongs in another thread here. Put me out of my misery ..

  4. 2nd clue:
    You were only 2 letters out last time, Fred

  5. They were exelent Fred

  6. Hmm, beats me David. I thought EXAR at first **but** they were created as a subsidiarity of ROHM not purchased. Don’t get the Intel reference either.. Go on, give us another clue..

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