Fable: The Transformative Computer

63 years ago a computer was put on the market.

That year a total of 150 computers were sold in the USA bringing up the total installed base of computers in the USA to 250.

1000 of the new computers were ordered in 1957.

The new computer replaced 1250 vacuum tubes with 2200 transistors reducing size, eliminating the need for cooling, and reducing power usage by 95%.

Ten years after the launch of the new computer, 7400 computers were sold in the USA taking the total US installed base to 31,000.

Fable: A Good Thing Is Soon Snapped Up



  1. Well the 608 is described variously as both a calculating machine and a conouting machine, zeitghost

  2. It’s described as a “calculator” apparently.

    Bit of a job getting one of those in your pocket.

  3. It was the IBM 608, SEPAM

  4. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    DEC? Not sure about the 1957 unless deliveries came a year later.

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