The Unforgiving Minute

Here’s an interesting thought – thanks to CB Insights – the amount of stuff that goes on on the Internet every minute:




  1. I know zeitghost it’s a massive omission – it’s an American graphic and they can be a bit puritanical over there – at least in public anyway.

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan


      And while the military-industrial complex gets a lot of coverage, the main export is supposedly
      – Hollywood movies
      – computer games
      – porn

      Computer games overtook Hollywood quite a while ago, not sure about porn. And as you say they do not really want to talk about it. Some times the Americans can be quite amusing.

  2. Wot?

    No porn?

  3. Hmm. The figure for email looks suspiciously low, relatively speaking.

  4. A pretty poor graphic – the areas of the sectors have very little resemblance to the changes over time, nor do they allow comparison accross the different octants in some sensibly comparable internet measure ($cost? $revenue? $profit/loss? time? bandwidth? CO2 output?).

    Nice colours though.

  5. Investment advise?
    – Whatsapp is king and growing
    – FB stagnated
    – Twitter is nowhere near and barely growing

    Oh wait these numbers do not translate to dollars … never mind.

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