Samsung Extended Lead Over Intel In Q1

In Q1, Samsung extended its lead over Intel at the top of the semiconductor manufacturers’ league table, reports IC Insights.

Samsung had Q1 revenues of $19.4 billion compared to Intel’s $15.8 billion. Y-o-y, Samsung grew 43% while Intel grew 11%.

Samsung went from having 5% less sales than Intel in 1Q17 to having 23% more semiconductor sales than Intel in 1Q18.

Intel was No.1 in 1Q17, but lost its lead spot to Samsung in 2Q17 as well as in the full-year 2017 ranking, a position it had held since 1993.

In Q1 2018, memories represented 83% of Samsung’s semiconductor revenues, up six points from 77% in 1Q17 and up 12 points from 71% just two years earlier in 1Q16. Samsung’s non-memory sales in 1Q18 were only $3,300 million, up 6% from 1Q17’s non-memory sales level of $3,125 million.

The biggest 15 semiconductor companies’ sales surged by 26% in 1Q18 compared to 1Q17, six points higher than the total worldwide semiconductor industry 1Q18/1Q17 increase of 20%.

The Big 3 memory suppliers—Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron, each registered greater than 40% year-over-year growth in 1Q18.

Fourteen of the top-15 companies had sales of at least $2.0 billion in 1Q18, four companies more than in 1Q17.  As shown, it took just over $1.8 billion in quarterly sales just to make it into the 1Q18 top-15 semiconductor supplier list.

As would be expected, given the possible acquisitions and mergers that could occur this year (e.g., Qualcomm/NXP), as well as any memory market volatility that may develop, the top-15 ranking is likely to undergo a significant amount of upheaval over the next few years.

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