Cobol To Be Used In ICT 1301 Computer




The English language programme Cobol is to be used in the International Computers and Tabulators 1301 computer.


So, 57 years ago starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of  October 12th 1960


Cobol is thought to be the most versatile common language programme developed so far. It includes some twenty verbs in its vocabulary, such as read, display etc.


It was developed in America by a committee of manufacturers users and governmental sponsors.


Represented on the committee was ICT.


The company has modified the system to fit the 1301 machine.


Using this combination it is thought that the 1301 will provide one of the most powerful and flexible data processing units at a reasonable cost.


The basic machine has a magnetic core immediate access store of 400 words. The main store is a magnetic drum of 12,000 words.


With punched cards the input is 600 a minute. Card output is 100 a minute, with an on-line printer of 600 lines a minute.


The system can be extended with up to eight drums, and the store increased by up to 2,000 words.


In addition bulk stores for eight magnetic tape units can be used.


The first operating 1301 system is to be ready early in 1961.



  1. First programmed in COBOL at school in 1971.

    Was on a twin system 360/65 from IBM which belonged to a large insurance company.


  2. Make COBOL Great Again !

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