London Traffic Problem Needs Computer Solution

THE only way to solve London’s traffic problem is by the use of an electronic computer”, says Mr. T. Cauter, Managing Director of CEIR (UK) Ltd.


So, 57 years ago, opened a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of December 7th 1960


The story continues:


“It won’t be cheap, and may cost some tens of thousands of pounds”, he said, in an interview with Electronics Weekly.


The company, a subsidiary of America’s largest computer consultant and time-hire service, believes it has a unique service to offer to commerce, industry and large administrations.


To achieve this, a computing centre equipped with IBM 7090 and 1401 machines is to be opened in Central London next May.


Mr. Cauter said: “In addition to powerful computing equipment, we have available the best considered linear programme. This has been developed in conjunction with America’s six major oil companies.


“Another pressing problem is the need for integrated air traffic control in Europe, and is of the

type which we will be equipped to tackle.


“As well as using computers, we are vitally interested in the collection of data from remote points. The need for more data transmission facilities has perhaps become more important than computers themselves.


“In America, CEIR’s business is expanding by more than 100 per cent a year. But of the raw and

processed data we handle, about 30 per cent is sent through the post.”

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