Transformational Use Found For Graphene

Graphene oxide, which is readily-fabricated, can be used to purify water.

Since graphene’s discovery 13 years ago, people have struggled to come up with transformational applications for the material, but now Manchester University researchers have come up with an application for graphene which could be a boon for mankind.

A team led by Dr Rahul Nair report in Nature Nanotechnology that graphene oxide can be deposited on a porous material.

Although graphene oxide would still allow impurities to seep through because graphene oxide swell when exposed to water however, if the graphene oxide is prevented from swelling  by using epoxy resin walls to confine it, then filters out impurities.

The technology could be used for desalination – a huge benefit to the large and increasing numbers of people finding access to drinking water problematic.



  1. Hmm…

    This sounds suspiciously like adsorbing impurities into activated charcoal if you ask me…

    Call me a cynic but methinks Dr Nair might have a penchant for marketing bollox. That or he’s recently put a grant application in, and thinks the publicity will assist…

  2. Essentially you’re right Dr Bob, but graphene oxide has its own symbol – GO

  3. correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t graphene oxide CO2?

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