Flying Car Design Old-Fashioned

Flying car design looks very much like it did 30 years ago when flying cars appeared in Bond films and boys’ comics.

AeroMobil of Slovakia has developed a flying car and says it will make 500 of them and sell them in 2020 for €1.2 million to €1.5 million.

Here are some photos of the AeroMobil plane/car.







  1. Stupid of me – should have said lycra

  2. Cycling in a latex suit – I think not. You’d sweat like hell and the stench would be unbearable once you peeled the latex off. Anyone who has colleagues who cycle ( or jogs ) into the office and can’t take a shower will know exactly what I mean, even without wearing a latex outfit..

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      Searching a bit I see it has been tried in competitive cycling for men. Link not provided on grounds of good taste.

      I can agree on the stench issue, and indeed a colleague once cycled to work after we had relocated to offices … without showers. He had no visitors that day. However in sports taste and smells are considered secondary to performance and without gong into the gruesome details the finishing line for a marathon has a mighty pong.

  3. Crikey SEPAM I think those rather alluring two-pieces the lady athletes wear would be good to see on lady bicyclists but, for guys, I think the garish latex stuff they wear makes them look ridiculous.

  4. All Clear, SEPAM, Please do. I’ll keep ‘Cave’.

  5. That’s very interesting SEPAM, it shows that people are just as good at that kind of thing as supercomputers.

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      If wife and daughter are out of town I might find some information on the “development” in bicycle clothing. Outrageous, I might add.

  6. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    If you look at the evolution of the bicycle you would be amazed just how quickly it found its shape. Sure we got carbon fibre and titanium alloys with insanely thin tires and outrageous clothing, yet the overall shape remains the same.

  7. Thanks Mike the inside photos look a lot better than the outside ones. From the outside it looks a bit Heath Robinson to me.

  8. Have you seen an actual photos ???

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