Biff! Wham! Pow!

Biff! Apple sues Qualcomm for refusing to pay Apple $1 billion in promised rebates

Pow! Qualcomm sues Apple alleging Apple made false anti-Qualcomm statements to regulators

Wham! Apple withholds royalty payments to sub-contractors which are owed to Qualcomm

Krrrr..unch! Qualcomm asks FTC to ban iPhone imports

Zonk! Qualcomm sues Apple sub-contractors Foxconn, Compal, Wistron and Pegatron for not paying royalties

Seconds out for Round 6 in the Apple-Qualcomm brawl.

We’ve seen all this before. At one time Qualcomm and Nokia were each spending $200 million a year on lawyers in pursuit of a spat.

Memorably, Qualcomm’s then CEO said at that time: ““We’ve not been a litigious company” – so boggling many minds about what a litigious company would spend on a legal disagreement.

Maybe we’re about to find out.



  1. Crikey SEPAM, weird or what?

  2. Have you met a happy lawyer, Jamo?

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      If you want to look into the weird world of UK law you might want to peruse Roll on Friday

      Words fail me. Intellectual property has a rather different culture I hasten to add, most likely because nearly all patent attorneys/agents started with a technical degree. Patent agents frequently have a research background.

  3. Well yes Jamo, fleas on a dog stay OK even if the dog is unhealthy but these figures for barristers’ and solicitors’ average salaries suggest things aren’t that great for them:

    • Pah! Lawyers and the judiciary will never get any salary sympathy from me for so long as courts continue to
      pay peanuts – under threat of possible imprisonment if you refuse – for jury service.

      Compensation should be set at the median hourly rate of the judiciary members or lead prosecution/defense involved. If they wouldn’t get out of bed for jury rates then why should you?

      (Sorry, old bug-bear of mine! I’ll stop ranting now.)


    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      The problem with those statistics is that the salary distribution is rather skewed since law firms operate a bit like a pyramid: a large group of junior fee earners and a smaller group of partners where the juniors remain in the hope of being promoted into the partnerships. That means very few earn the median salary. Paralegals earn even less.

    • Perhaps I should have restated to law firms.

  4. Most of us will have experience of good times and bad times, when markets decline or crash, or grow.
    It is frustrating that lawyers do well when times are good and seem to do well when times are bad.

  5. I agree, DontAgree, the plebs lose because the abuse of the FRAND system pushes up the cost of hand-sets. But if Apple, Intel and Samsung manage to force Qualcomm to charge royalties on the chip-set rather than the handset, there is big potential for reducing handset cost and the plebs will win. The lawyers, of course, win whatever the outcome

  6. And the winners are …. as usual the lawyers ….
    And the real losers are … probably as usual the plebs …

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