The Internet of Shoes

There seems to be someone with a good sense of humour over in San Diego. A month or so back Qualcomm was wanting to change the name of their processors to platforms and now they’ve filed a patent on the ‘Internet of Shoes’.

The patent, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, alleges that the shoes will be able to recharge by walking and could include vibration motors, pressure sensor pads, a motion sensor, a pulse sensor, a blood pressure sensor, or body temperature sensors

The patent describes: “A connected shoe apparatus, comprising: a processor; a memory coupled to the processor; a radio; an antenna; and a magnetometer, wherein the connected shoe apparatus is wearable as a shoe by a user, and wherein the processor is to: determine the direction the connected shoe apparatus is facing with the magnetometer, and transmit information associated with the direction to a second device via the radio and the antenna.”

These shoes are made for talking.



  1. How very intriguing SEPAM, thanks very much for the research. Clearly this is hot stuff in the R&D world even though it seems a bit daft,

    • SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

      There is indeed a lot of hot stuff in shoe technology though few are afforded the publicity Qualcomm has achieved. Adidas, just to take on example, files 50 – 100 patent applications annually, and there is a noticeable trend in health monitoring. The only surprise is that Qualcomm has (briefly) entered this field.

      Energy harvesting is growing so I had rather expected something in that direction.

  2. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    This sure generated a lot of brouhaha. In my case this means instead a trip to the patent databases. Just a few notes (getting late here):

    – there are 80 patent claims. That is a lot, and a very typical US thing. It can suggests a rather exploratory filing.

    – first Office Action is out and it is a slaughter.
    — lack of novelty over US2014/0266570
    — obvious in view of the above and US2015/0248535
    — also in view of Keating US2010/0090477
    — also in view of Zhao US2007/0140199

    Etc. There is more.

    – no patent is granted yet

    – the application is the only member of the patent family. That means Qualcomm realised this was pretty much a dead end and there will be no foreign filings. Those should have been visible by now but none are shown.

    – Fig. 3 is cool. Target market appears to be kids.

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