Immigration Drives US Tech, says KP.

Immigration is the key to American tech entrepreneurship according to Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker in her annual report on internet trends.


Half of all of the most valuable private tech companies in the United Sates were co-founded by immigrants — including Uber, SpaceX, Instacart, AppNexus and FanDuel.


That number goes up to 60% when you consider companies founded by second generation Americans and are responsible for 1.5 million employees. Those companies include Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook.



  1. Excellent Fred we’ll have a helluva good time.

  2. You’d be more than welcome Fred, but i don’t have any Highland Park

    • No worries David – I’ll gladly supply the Highland Park. Should be one hell of a party – roll on WW3 😉

  3. French red’s and New Zealand whites – I could learn to live with that. I have a favour to ask – if WW3 suddenly breaks would you mind putting us all up in your cellar?

  4. Well that still raises the question Jamo, of whether they shipped the wine all the way from Mt Falernius to wherever it was they were rampaging, or if they took the same vines as were used on Mt Falernius and planted them in the areas they were rampaging around in and still called it Falernian. Rather like Cab Sauv gets made all over the world.

    • It looks like they brought wine making to France, Germany and Spain. Funny how they never brought it to Britain.
      They also aromatised wine so perhaps we can thank the Romans for Buckfast and it’s popularity amongst modern day western Caledonians.

  5. If you read the Cato and Macro page-turner novels by Simon Scarrow, then you’ll know Falernian was the wine of choice for the Roman troops no matter where in the empire they were, but prices would vary a lot. If there was no loot to be had during rampaging (sorry , campaigning), then cheap plonk would have to suffice.

  6. Och – not “fake news” I trust…

  7. Ha Ha Fred very droll indeed

  8. I agree Fred, maybe the Romans had to drink crap Brit wine because it was too much of a hassle to ship it from Italy. It could be why they went back to Rome. For me, red wine comes from France and white from New Zealand

  9. Absolutely DontAgree, now they’re growing champagne vines on the South Downs, the UK is on track to be the new California. Mind you we’ve been here before. Tacitus writes about vineyards in the UK, and there is also archaeological evidence of Roman UK vineyards, so a couple of thousand years ago our climate must have been warmer than it is now.

    • UK vinyards – hope they’ve learned from the past. I remember in my student days there was a British wine called Concord and it was real gut rot.

      Having said that, in these days the French were selling us all their crap wine and keeping the best for themselves. How times have changed. Today, despite all the new world wines, some of which are excellent, I still prefer a good Chianti Classico Riserva from Tuscany if it’s red, otherwise a nice fruity German Reisling, well chilled, if it’s white.


  10. I agree, DontAgree, Silicon Valley is a brilliant wheeze for getting the planet’s best brains in one place. Hence the greatest legal agglomeration of wealth on the planet. Other countries fail to replicate SV because, although they allocate money and build some nice buildings, then forget they need brains.

    • Come to think of it, it is not that much different from the missing ECO system … similar to Intel trying to muscle into the low power CPU business, etc.

      The nice locale doesn’t hurt either, which can’t be replicated … oh wait global warming to the rescue … the UK may get there some day …

  11. No surprise there, in my experience Silicon Valley consists 90% out of non natives, especially the engineers … it is even far rarer to find a local engineer

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