Top Ten Most Trusted Brands In UK

Thanks to the Reputation Institute for this one – the ten most trusted brands in the UK:

1- Dyson

2 – Aston Martin

3 – Lego

4 – Michelin

5 – Sony

6 – Waitrose

7 – Intel

8 – PayPal

9 – Samsung

10 – Rolls-Royce Aerospace



  1. Sounds like an excellent notion to me, SEPAM

  2. Crikey zeitghost you must havea vast acreage

    • Not really, it just takes a long time to do, even with a reasonably large mower.

      About 20 years ago one of the neighbours kept a goat, but it much preferred eating my dad’s cabbages rather than the stuff the neighbour fed it.

      And it stank.

  3. Well actually the robotic Flymo is the cheapest robotic lawnmower you can buy, or was when I bought it, so it conforms to my utensil buying principle, Fred, .but Yes, you’re right, paying £700 for a utensil that displaces a £50 utensil is not a logical decision but now the lawnmower seems to have made peace with the fox it is a constant pleasure to see it trundling around the lawn. And no lawnmower ever gave me pleasure before,p.

    • I think we’re glad to hear that. 😀

      My lawnmower has never given me much pleasure, though the flymo did impress by smoking itself to death some years ago.

      I might get one to relieve me of the tedium of the 3 hour mowing marathon every fortnight.

  4. I’ve had a few Dyson’s, including the now defunct washing machine which was brilliant. Expensive for sure but happy for what I got. I think they’ve costed down in recent years and moved their manufacture to Malaysia? Could be the problem – just like most Sony kit is not from Japan any more…

  5. Well Yes Stuart to my mind a hoover is just another damn household utensil you have to have and my aporoach to buying utensils is to buy my the cheapest because they’re the simplest to use.

    • Apart from your robotic Flymo of course. It get’s some mixed reviews, as it would, but I’m quite impressed that it seems to do the job nicely in most cases. Fox interference asides..

  6. Is thst so zeitghost? Crikey, I’m glad I’ve never bought one.

  7. Oh dear Dr Bob, sounds ominous. I have heard anecdotal stories of unreliability.

    • Allegedly the most popular vac found at your local civic recycling skip.

      • I once heard that the problem is usually that the filter(s) haven’t been washed/replaced. Get one from the local recycling centre, wash/replace the filter(s) and you’re normally good to go. I’ve never owned one either …

      • Maybe so, but then the people that can afford to buy one inevitably can afford to scrap it at the first sign of trouble and go buy another?

  8. No, so far as I know they’re trustworthy, Martijn, I think Dr Bob was just joking – the Dyson stuff is definitely expensive, that’s for sure, and that’s why I’ve never bought their stuff.

  9. I love Dyson although i agree it’s very expensive; any reason why they should not be trusted?

  10. Samsung? Trusted to do what? Exploded the phone in your pocket or the washer destroying your laundry room?

    Seems to me that the respondents to this survey have been living under a rock …

    About Paypal: in the US the banks pretty much are still in the stone ages w.r.t. electronic transfers (compared to EU), so often Paypal is the only realistic and convenient option … in the land of the blind …

  11. Ha Ha Dr Bob, so true

  12. I would only trust Dyson to be expensive

    and wouldn’t trust Paypal at all

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