Top Billionaires

According to Forbes here are the top billionaires. If you’re in this group you can look down on mere single digit billionaires like the US president, the Duke of Westminster and Sir Shifty (but everyone already looks down on Sir Shifty).

Interestingly, most of these guys made their money. Inheriting stuff isn’t what it used to be.

Half of them are Americans and, rather shamefully for us, there aren’t any Brits.

Hopefully in the new open for business Britain,  globally trading and free of EU regulation, we’ll have some respectably loaded billionaires pretty soon,






  1. Significant inheritors:
    Bill Gates Millionaire at birth
    David and Charles Koch, multimillionaires at birth
    All 4 Waltons, multimillionaires at birth
    Oh, and Sheldon Adelson is not an American. He renounced in favor of his Israeli dual citizenship.

  2. Ah, that explains it, DB.

  3. I thought that the UK’s plan was to outsource billionaires, like everything else.

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