Top Ten Q1 IC Companies

Thanks to IC Insights for this one – the top ten semiconductor companies in Q1 2017:


Intel 14.2

Samsung 13.6

Hynix 5.5

Micron 4.9

Broadcom 4.1

Qualcomm 3.7

TI 3.2

Toshiba 2.9

NXP 2.2

Infineon 1.9



  1. They’ve been slipping Jack. They should have a good year this year, but so will most people.

  2. What happened to ST? Thought they’re doing pretty well.

  3. Yes DontAgree, if the merger goes theough – it seems to be having trouble with the EU regulators. Intel has been No.1 for 24 years

  4. So next year NXP+Qualcomm should in 3rd place …

    Do you also happen to know how long Intel has been at the top ?

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