Execs and Journos

Fred Hoar, who headed up the PR department at Fairchild Semiconductor in the 70s, divided execs and reporters into types.

At press meetings he found execs conformed to three types:

The Preacher
The Explainer (goes on and on and on . . . .)
The Patient Misunderstander (never gets the question but stays polite)

The journos fell into five types:

The Aggressive
The Prober (challenges everything)
The Machine Gunner (rapid-fire questions)
The Analytical
The Columbo (with the unexpected deadly question)



  1. It’s true I like to make a verbatim note and then wait to see what the others ask to make sure my own understanding is valid and then fashion the hopefully thorny Q.

  2. I’ve seen you frantically making notes when Malcolm or I present something controversial but you always wait after everybody else’s questions to ask the deep probing question

  3. I think that’s quite perceptive of you Mike, when I worked in the industry, at one factory the guys on the shop-floor nick-named me Columbo because I used to wander around occasionally asking a pointed question,

  4. I assume you’re the type 5, although one can always see you thinking about the phrasing of the question for at least ten minutes 🙂

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