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Test and measurement

Richard had a flash of inspiration

Now he’s got the power to cut lightning down to size People have always been fascinated by the fury of the heavens. Electronics prodigy Richard Hodgkinson created a lightning distance timer so he would no longer have to manually calculate the approach or retreat of a thunderstorm. He recycled a 70 KHz crystal from an old device for the oscillator. ...

Keep your PC cool this winter

Keep your PC cool this winter

Return to Taking the Temperature An accurate PC thermometer you need all year round Award-winning designer Alberto Ricci Bitti designed this simple microcontroller-free DS1621 PC thermometer that requires no calibration. It’s so cheap and simple because all you need is the sensor IC, a voltage regulator and a handful of diodes and resistors. It can be plugged into any free ...

Meet Andrew’s blast from the past

Meet Andrew's blast from the past

Back to the future Sometimes the best way to take a step forward is to take a step back in time. So Andrew Smith designed a fully-functional toy oscilloscope, made out of parts he found in his junk box, such as the EF91, EF80 and EF184 valves. Using a DC-DC converter to power the old (but still working) 7cm CRT ...